Comments about the showing of Dall' Italia All' Australia and the music

from Fremantle showing of the film and music, October 2009

"It brings back memories - so wonderful. Vincenzo Riggio, my father, came to Australia in the boat Reggina D' Italia in 1927. Great to have this opportunity to see it." Tony Riggio

" Appreciated the opportunity to relive the journey as described by my forebears (1925-6 to 1935 voyages). Good luck in all your endeavours". Mary Bassan

"Spettacolare! Congratulations for bringing such a special event here" Angelo

"Congratulations on the wonderful evening. Many more of these stories need telling. Thank you." Anna and Stephen Fanning

 "A beautiful synergy of music and nostalgia. Grazie!" Maria

"It was a very moving experience for us as our father, Miele Alaeh, came the same route on the "City of Genoa" in 1926. We now understand more what he felt and what he came to. Thank you so much." Janice Alaeh and Tanija Carr

 "Congratulations and many thanks for a wonderful evening and bring back our history and help keeping it alive. Mielle, grazie."

 "Mi se breva di essere in Italia sta sera. La musica ere stupenede. Grazie." Maria Mariotti

"Meille Grazie! Thank you from the Sacristani family". (Falkingham)

"Special thank you to the people responsible for making many of us relive the memories of our journey to this wonderful country by the viewing documentary and sounds." Lieue Stazzanelli

"This is a fantastic movie - I've learnt watching the sights my grandparents saw when they came and travelled to Fremantle. I'd love to get a copy of the music played tonight." Renae Grlyinich

"Amazing, just great." Marie

"It was wonderful to e able to follow my mother and grandmother and uncles journey to Fremantle." Vicki King, Emma and Teresa Masotti, Giovanni Crapella

 "My grandmother (surname Griffey) was a pilot at Adelaide Harbour through the 1920s so probably steered the Regina in this film!" Ross Appleton

"Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful show home to Fremantle. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the wonderful of Kavisha and I Viaggiatori. And the film was magnificent too!! All the best." John Battistor

 "Wonderful to see the voyage as our father experienced it. Grazie." Mobilia family

"Beautifully presented. Interesting to see how big some cities were in in 1925".

"Un bel viaggio." Isoletta (Neptunia 1855) and Domenico Mucciaione (Toscana 1950)

"Came out 18 September 1939 on the Reino. I was nearly 8 and the scenes of the Suez Canal bring back memories." Ros Papero (Longo)

"Thank you, memories of watching every ship bring in migrants and throwing streamers as they went out. I cried for them all." Ronelle Brossara

"Thank you so much. An excellent experience now amd then. The musical accompaniment was outstanding." B Willis

 "A fantastic show especially the musicians. They really made it. I just loved it very much. I myself came out from Italy October 13, 1953 with my mum by boat."  Eda Wale

"Thank you for the memories. I was 9 years old on the ship to Australia and it was great." Sam Belladonna

 "A deep stirring of my Italian emotions and a greater respect and admiration for my brave and spirited Italian ancestors. Congratulations to all involved in bringing this film to Perth. And the music was fantastic!!!" Carmelinda Spina-Johnston

"My grandfather (Yugoslav) arrived Fremantle 1928 via Italya. My mother came in 1938 (on the Ontranto) so they made the same journey. What a magnificent experience visual / musical." Glenda McCallum

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